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My Journey To Conceive-Getting Pregnant

  Getting pregnant sounds easy enough right? All we have to do is do the deed during the right time of the month and boom! Well, it isn’t as easy as they made it seem during sex education class. I would just like to take the time to share my journey to conceive with you. How It Began My husband and I had been together since 2002 and we never really discussed having kids. We traveled a lo...
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Miscarriages and Chemical Pregnancies

This is a very tough subject to discuss, but the truth is that miscarriages and chemical pregnancies happen.  As if trying to conceive wasn't stressful enough, the thought of a pregnancy loss is very frightening.  While I am not aware of having a chemical pregnancy, I have experienced three miscarriages.  So I understand the pain and the emotional conflicts that come along with it.  It can be hard...
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