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Gearing Up For Ovulation

Even though we are two months into the New Year, some of us are still working on our New Year’s resolution and trying to conceive.  After months of temping, charting, and trying to get pregnant, you have a pretty good handle on when you are ovulating.  You might even recognize some of the signs that your body is gearing up for ovulation. Gearing Up For Ovulation Whenever our bodies are prepa...
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Trying To Conceive

trying to conceive
Trying to conceive can be particularly stressful especially when you think the clock is ticking.  As I have gotten older I hear a lot of: “I am worried because I am in my 30’s and I am just now trying to conceive,” from friends and colleagues. We (yes, I said we) are not doomed! I personally didn’t plan to have a baby in my 20’s because I was too busy having fun, being selfish, and trying to find ...
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