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How IVF Works

In Vitro Fertilization
In 1978, Louise Brown became the world's first baby to be born by in vitro fertilization, or IVF. Her birth revolutionized the field of reproductive medicine. Given that approximately one in eight heterosexual couples has difficulty conceiving, and that homosexual couples and single parents often need clinical help to make a baby, the demand for IVF has been growing. IVF is so common, that more...
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The Great Sperm Race

Great Sperm Race With all this talk of babies and trying to conceive, have you ever actually thought about the process?  I mean, I know I have described in detail the process of getting pregnant.  But when visualize conception, I think most of just visualize having sex.  We think about the days we are going to do it, what baby friendly lubricant, and maybe even a positions.  However, let's think ...
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