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Best Foods for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

low AGE diet
I believe diet plays a very important role in our fertility.  While looking up information on PCOS I came across a video from Dr. Greger discussing the best foods for polyscystic ovary syndrome. He goes on to say that over the last two decades there has been increasing evidence supporting an important contribution from food-derived advanced glycation end products (AGEs), also known as glycotoxins,...
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Top 10 Foods That Increase Your Sperm Count

We now know that the male infertility factor accounts for up to 30% of all infertility cases.  In this article we will cover the top 10 foods that increase your sperm count! While there are other factors to sperm that can cause infertility issues, startling new research has revealed that 90% of male infertility problems are caused by the failure to produce enough sperm.  Fortunately many men ca...
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How To Conceive A Boy or Girl-Gender Swaying Methods

There are so many “old wives tales” out there, that it is hard to know what might actually be a real method on how to conceive a boy or girl.  Unfortunately, there is no scientific proof that any  gender swaying method is going to guarantee you will end up with the sex of your choice.  The good news is that there is some expert advice on ways to increase your chances conceiving the baby of your dr...
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Fertility Boosting Supplements

While nutrition is very important when trying to conceive as it plays a big role in reproductive health, fertility boosting supplements might be of assistance also. Over the course of four years, I have tried several different supplements such as: FertilAid, Ovaboost, Royal Jelly, Maca Root, Wild Yam, and more. I didn’t take them all at the same time of course. They each serve a different function...
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25 Fertility Boosting Foods

Almost anything that is healthy for your body is great for your reproductive health.  When discussing fertility boosting foods, we are talking fruits packed with antioxidants, lean meats, leafy greens, unsaturated fats, complex carbs, and fatty fish.  Not to mention all the other nutrients and supplements that you can take to improve your fertility! What's that?  Ice cream, dark chocolate, and ...
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Salmon Beurre Blanc-A Romantic Homemade Dinner

One of my favorite recipes is the Salmon Beurre blanc.  Beurre blanc is a creamy white butter sauce. Preparation can be very time consuming, but doing it with your partner will help lessen the load.  Just think of it as preparing a romantic dinner and spending time with each other in the kitchen.  If you enjoy dry white wine, there should be enough left over from the meal prep for you both to enjo...
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The Melting Pot-Romantic Restaurant

Baby making can become very hard and emotionally draining. Even having children can take a toll on your love life. I remember after having my daughter, the doctor stressed the importance of keeping the romance alive in your relationship. It is easy to lose yourself and your relationship once that beautiful baby arrives or it is easy to lose yourself when you are trying to conceive. Make Time ...
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Change That Diet! It Might Help Your Fertility

For some reason, when I hear the word "diet" it kind of makes me feel uncomfortable. Probably because when I hear diet it is often associated with losing weight. Well, I am talking about changing your diet to increase your fertility. Oh, that diet! Yes, that diet might actually help you conceive the baby you have been dreaming of. I am not referring to losing weight, but if you need to, this might...
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How To Increase Libido In Women

Let's face it, when trying to conceive sex can sometimes become more of something on a "to do" list rather than an enjoyful act with your partner. If you have been trying to get pregnant for a while, you might find that your sexual desire is less than desirable at times. Making a baby can be hard work, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. Today I would like to focus on how to increase libido in ...
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What Is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea?

Benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf What is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and isn't that just for pregnancy? Today I thought I would talk about Red Raspberry Leaf and its many uses.  Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is very popular among pregnant women for the preparation of labor.  During pregnancy the tea is said to strengthen the uterine wall and pelvic floor.  It is also supposed to aid in a shortened labor and ...
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