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Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 With These Badass Entrepreneurs

Time to get motivated and make gender balance happen

International Women’s Day is today, and we’re celebrating the 12.3 million women-owned businesses across the United States (as of 2018). Compare that to 1972, when women only owned 402,000 businesses and you can see what a long way we’ve come, Mama.

The Scary Mommy Shop is proud to showcase female entrepreneurs who create and sell products that help moms look good, feel good, and do good. In fact, almost all the companies we feature on the site are run by women. We know them, we love their stuff, and we’re psyched to bring their clothing, make-up, jewelry, and gifts to you. Meet a few of our amazing brand partners.

Chip + Chisel

Since 2011, entrepreneur Lindsy Fagan’s beautifully-designed and very affordable jewelry pieces have been made from locally-sourced, high-quality materials, and handcrafted with love in the PNW. Inspired by Lindsy’s infertility journey, chip+chisel gives back to causes that make a difference for others in similar circumstances.


Entrepreneurs Lia Winograd and Jaclyn Fu embrace the ‘flat’ in flattering. Based on the belief that every woman is a real woman, regardless of the size, shape, or color of her breasts, Pepper is closing the (bra) gap with empowering options for small-chested women (#smallsquad) that help redefine body image.

Rhino Parade

Entrepreneur Lisa Mohar’s designed-in-Brooklyn line of super-cute paper goods and gifts are fun ways to celebrate, empower, encourage and support others — especially women. Rhino Parade also gives back, with charitable donations to organizations like the ACLU, NOW, the NAACP, LAMBDA, and Planned Parenthood. What’s the deal with that name? It’s all about juxtaposition – being tough AND colorful don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Ryan Porter

Entrepreneur Krysten Kauder created a brand that stands for empowerment, using expression-based products to start conversations on a range of important issues to women, from equality to mental health. With sassy messages and stylish design, Ryan Porter is a favorite of celebs, editors, and everyday moms. You’ll love the candles, keychains, and jewelry that really tell it like it is.

Valley Cruise Press

Kelley & Ted Feighan are a husband and wife entrepreneurial team (high school sweethearts!) who work with local artists to create cool pins, patches, greeting cards, and jewelry. Valley Cruise’s fun, bright, colorful designs brighten anyone’s day, and make a perfect gift for any occasion. Looking for unique sentiments that make an impression? Done and done.

Inspired by these kickass women as much as we are? Join us! If you’ve got a small business (or hell, a big one) that sells products you think Scary Mommies would love, tell us about it and become part of our mission to help busy moms find the best products for themselves and their families. And don’t forget to check out all our amazing partner brands.

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