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3 Tips To Help Improve Your Fertility

When you want a baby, you want a baby now.  The problem is that sometimes it doesn’t happen right away, nor is it that easy.  It can be discouraging seeing negative pregnancy tests month after month when all you want is to be pregnant.  While I cannot guarantee you will pregnant, I would like to discuss three tips to help improve your fertility. Surely, there are more things that you can do to enhance your chances, but these three tips may improve your chances greatly.

Tip #1:  Nutrition

eating healthyThe first tip is to focus on your nutrition.  As I have discussed in previous posts, what you are putting in your body can very well affect or even hinder the possibility of getting pregnant.  Eating a well balanced diet is a great way to start. Eating healthy is not only beneficial for you pre-pregnancy, but it will go a long way during pregnancy.  Not only that, but you will be able to teach your future child healthy eating habits once they are old enough. So getting in the habit of eating nutritious foods now will benefit your family in the future.

Foods you will want to focus on are fruits high in Vitamin C, vegetables, lean meats, and you will need to eat fatty acids as well.  It doesn’t hurt to start taking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid while you are trying to conceive either. Sometimes we don’t eat as healthy as we should because we just don’t have time.  You may consider talking to your doctor about supplements that might be beneficial for you. Eating a balanced diet will help improve hormone levels. Getting enough folic acid will help prevent neural tube defects and congenital heart defects when you do get pregnant.

Tip #2:  Make Time For Yourself

Making time for yourself is a very important part of conception.  You need to make sure you are getting enough sleepimprove fertility at night. It can be very hard to sleep if you have a lot on your mind such as trying to get pregnant.  So making time to meditate or exercise will not only help relieve stress and relax your body, it can help get you in the right frame of mind to conceive. I personally believe that our mental states can deeply impact our bodies.  Getting a good handle on this will help improve your fertility!

When we are under abnormal amounts of stress it can affect how our hypothalamus functions.  The hypothalamus is responsible for regulating our emotions and our appetite. What’s more is that it also regulates the hormones that are responsible for telling our bodies to release eggs during ovulation.  So it is crucial to find a way to keep stress levels down and get enough rest in order to conceive.

Tip #3: Get A Good Support System

support group

Since I am such a firm believer in improving your mental state in order to conceive, the third tip to improve your fertility is to have a good support system.  When you are trying to get pregnant, it can feel like a lonely road. Sure you have your significant other, but he or she may not understand the struggles you are experiencing when you feel your body is failing in an area that it shouldn’t.

Consider speaking to someone as an outlet.  Make sure you are communicating with your partner and have goals in place.  What I mean by goals is how long will you both consider trying before seeking interventions?  If you have already tried medical interventions with no success, would you be open to coaching or other natural methods of trying to conceive?  It is important to be clear on the possibilities and potential outcomes on your journey to get pregnant. Not only is communication very important while you are trying to get pregnant, it will be a huge asset once you have a baby.

Believe it or not, babies have a way with taking our time away from us and sometimes we are so focused on that little bundle of joy we will forget to communicate with our partners.  It sounds silly, but sometimes you are just too tired, too hungry, or too busy to hold conversations. Getting in the habit of forming clear lines of communication now will help you and your significant other stay in tune with each other once the baby arrives.

Final Thought

I remember speaking with my midwife during my six week postpartum checkup and she asked me how things were going between my husband and I.  She went on to explain that it is important that we talk and make time with each because so much gets lost when we are both only concentrating on the baby.  Of course I thought that possibly wouldn’t happen to us, but it did. I was so focused on my new career of being a mom, that I truly forgot that I was a wife.  So forming healthy habits all the way around will not only improve your fertility, it can enhance your mind and your relationships moving forward.

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