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Fertility Boosting Supplements

While nutrition is very important when trying to conceive as it plays a big role in reproductive health, fertility boosting supplements might be of assistance also. Over the course of four years, I have tried several different supplements such as: FertilAid, Ovaboost, Royal Jelly, Maca Root, Wild Yam, and more. I didn’t take them all at the same time of course. They each serve a different function and I will happily explain them to you. As a cautionary measure, be sure to discuss any fertility boosting supplements you are taking or thinking about taking with your doctor.

When my OBGYN told me that I had a mild case of PCOS and was insulin resistant, I went on the South Beach Diet to cleanse my system of sugars and began to eat healthier from there. I also began taking fertility boosting supplements as well and by the time I went to see the Reproductive Endocrinologist for more testing, he didn’t see any signs of PCOS or insulin resistance. Sure, my OBGYN could have misdiagnosed me OR the fertility boosting supplements I was taking worked! The first supplements I began taking were FertilAid and Ovaboost.


FertilAid is a fertility boosting supplement and a prenatal vitamin combined. You do not need to have a fertility issue to take it. If you have been trying to conceive for at least six months and haven’t had success, I would recommend it. If you are just thinking about trying to conceive, I would take it. I began taking it prior to trying to conceive to give it a chance to work on my body. FertilAid improves reproductive health and is a good supplement for women over 35 as well to enhance the chances of becoming pregnant. FertilAid even makes a special supplement for men (FertilAid for men), that my husband tried as well. I took Ovaboost along with FertilAid (it is okay to take the two together).


OvaBoost is a fertility boosting supplement in the fact that it contains nutrients that are proven to improve egg quality. As we know, egg quality diminishes as we get older so taking Ovaboost will protect the eggs we have while improving the overall egg quality.

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is what a Queen Bee eats for her entire life! So if you are the queen of your castle, this might be suitable for you. In all seriousness, Royal Jelly helps with hormone imbalance, increase libido, and to support egg health. Royal Jelly may be beneficial for women who have been on birth control for a long time, but more research needs to be done to prove this.

Maca Root

While more research needs to be done on Maca Root and the human female fertility, Maca Root still has some benefits. I took this fertility boosting supplement to improve sexual function, energy, and for my overall mood. Trying to conceive can be stressful and Maca Root contains vitamins and nutrients that are good for alleviating stress and anxiety. It doesn’t hurt that it is said to be an aphrodisiac either (not proven, just rumored)!

Wild Yam

Wild Yam  contains a substance that is said to convert into progesterone.  This substance is diosgenin and is sometimes used as a hormone replacement treatment. Taking Wild Yam after ovulation is supposed to naturally boost your progesterone levels causing your endometrial lining to thicken.  If an egg is fertilized during ovulation, the thickened endometrial lining is the optimal environment for fertilization.

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