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The Melting Pot-Romantic Restaurant

Baby making can become very hard and emotionally draining. Even having children can take a toll on your love life. I remember after having my daughter, the doctor stressed the importance of keeping the romance alive in your relationship. It is easy to lose yourself and your relationship once that beautiful baby arrives or it is easy to lose yourself when you are trying to conceive.

Make Time For Each Other

Planned sex is not that fun after a while. It becomes a chore and no longer a romantic act between you and your partner. It can even be emotionally draining on your husband who knows you are only interested in him because you are ovulating or close to ovulation. So my biggest suggestion is to do things that reminded you of why you love each other in the first place. Remind yourselves why you enjoyed making random love.

My husband and I make it a point to take time to enjoy a romantic meal with each other at least once a month. I admit that now with two children that can be challenging! However, if you are still in the process of trying to conceive you should really take advantage of those moments while you still have the time. Because once the baby arrives you will barely have time to even take a shower!

The Melting Pot

One of our favorite romantic restaurants is the Melting Pot. It is a fondue restaurant with locations all over the country (and a few in other countries as well) that provides several courses and wonderful desserts. The salads are great too! What we enjoy most is the dimly lit ambiance and the privacy in the booths. Each booth provides privacy drapes which allow you to close yourself off from the rest of the guests.

The food is amazing. You can choose from several different meats and cheeses that you cook at your very own table. I know the whole idea of going out to eat is so you don’t have to cook, but the process of preparing your food is so quick it doesn’t even matter. I love that you can share with each other and even feed each other if you are into that sort of thing!

They provide so many selections that it is not a fast process. Choosing anywhere from a three course to a five course meal. Once you start on dessert, there is nothing more romantic than eating chocolate covered fruits and cake. If you didn’t know, chocolate is great for your libido as well! Fresh fruit is also great for fertility for both men and women. So even though this is a romantic way to bring you both together, you are also doing wonders for your reproductive system.

Since this is a fondue restaurant, you are getting your choice of cheeses to dip your vegetables in. Dairy can also be beneficial for those trying to conceive. This includes: cheese, yogurt, and milk. Not only does it improve your bone health, which is very important while pregnant, it can help improve your reproductive system. While you can get pregnant no matter what you eat (as long as it isn’t hurting your overall diet or weight), it is nice to know that having a romantic meal at the Melting Pot might actually help improve your chances.

So close those drapes in your booth, enjoy conversation, and eat a wonderful meal! The connection to your partner alone might make you feel closer than ever and increase your desire to start that baby making process! Even though the Melting Pot isn’t as cheap as eating at your local fast food restaurant, nothing worth having comes cheap in my opinion. If you haven’t tried this restaurant, I highly recommend that you do. I doubt you will be disappointed.

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4 thoughts on “The Melting Pot-Romantic Restaurant

  1. Hello ms. Tiffany. Love your article here. Very important about remembering what drew you and yoir husband together in the first place and to be honest with you this may help me in the long run seeing that i am 27 unwed, no kids, and work a hack of a lot lol. I may be 30+ when i have my first child. Right now. I guess its the energy waves i put out into the atmosphere. The reason i cant find mr. Right or he cant find me or what ever! Lol lol lol guess ill be happy with my lonesome for a while. But awesome website ma’am this is very wise. And it gives an aswer to many young women for sure out there on how to keep the romance between them and their husbands. Triple A +++ from me on content structure and picture use. Keep up the good work.

    1. Shakida,
      Thanks for stopping by. You will find Mr. Right soon enough. I was 28 turning 29 when I got married and I was in no rush, lol! When you do find Mr. Right just always remember what made you fall for him in the first place. Life takes so many turns we forget who we are and what we love. Especially when you are desperately trying to get pregnant. I firmly believe that keeping the connection and love alive will relieve the stress and make conceiving that much easier. Thank you so much for your kind words and I wish you the best of luck. I can’t wait to hear when you do you find your man!

  2. Close the drapes ? My kind of Restaurant ! 🙂 But, seriously, I agree with you, Tiffany, playing these games that remind one of the earlier days of the courtship, is a great way to rekindle that desire and flame. I find that dining at a fine dining restaurant always makes for an intimate experience, add to that a good glass of wine and the night turns into yet another romantic memory for you two. Great idea ! 🙂

    1. Hey Rico! When we were having troubles my doctor suggested going out having a glass of wine and just loosening up. It was just becoming too stressful to the point we started blaming each other for reasons why we couldn’t get pregnant. It is important to get back to the basics of love and keep the flame going! Thanks for reading and take care!

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