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The Great Sperm Race

Great Sperm Race

With all this talk of babies and trying to conceive, have you ever actually thought about the process?  I mean, I know I have described in detail the process of getting pregnant.  But when visualize conception, I think most of just visualize having sex.  We think about the days we are going to do it, what baby friendly lubricant, and maybe even a positions.  However, let’s think a little deeper into the amazement of the great sperm race and what those little guys have to go through just to get to the egg.  It is truly amazing and it looks pretty exhausting.  I guess that is why it important to keep our bodies health to keep good sperm health because those little swimmers have to go through a lot!


So I thought I would let you view the amazement yourself by watching The Great Sperm Race.  It doesn’t matter if you are man or woman viewing this, you will find it truly entertaining!


Phew!  Watching that gave me a workout.  So now when you think about baby making, you may have a little more respect or even understanding of the whole entire process.  You might even feel just a little more grateful or lucky about being here…Or should I say lucky to have won the race!  Either way it goes, we did make it and someday your little one will make it too making them even that more special.  I hope you enjoyed and as usual, good luck and baby dust to you!

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4 thoughts on “The Great Sperm Race

  1. I really like your post. Very informative and concise. Makes me feel lucky to be alive and who I am! I would break up your paragraphs to make them a few short sentences so that people will read through them to get to your video and products! Nicely done!

  2. Loved the video Tiffany. I’ve always been fascinated by the reproduction system. I have seen similar videos but that one was the best I’ve seen to date. Good article and keep up the good work.

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