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The OvaCue Fertility Monitor Product Review

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor Product Review

Product: OvaCue Fertility Monitor
Cost: $299.00 on Fairhaven Health
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Gaurantee: 1 Year Warranty

Product Overview

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor is by far my favorite fertility monitor on the market today. It isn’t as expensive as some of the other high tech monitors out there and it can predict ovulation the first month of using it. It comes with the actual monitor, the oral sensor, and the vaginal sensor. This monitor works by tracking cervical mucous and saliva to identify the most fertile days of your cycle and also to confirm ovulation. The monitor has a color chart in which certain colors signify where you are in your cycle. For example, medium blue indicates high fertility, dark blue means peak fertility, and pink means that ovulation has occurred.

Oral Sensor

You begin using this monitor on the second day of your cycle or no later than the fourth day of your cycle (second through fourth of your period), but placing the oral sensor on your tongue for a few seconds. Not only is it taking your temperature, it is also tracking and trending the electrolytes found in your saliva. Since this is a combination of a basal body temperature, it is important to use the oral sensor within two to three hours of the same time each day. By using the oral sensor, the monitor can notify of upcoming ovulation anywhere from five to seven days.

Just like a basal body temperature, you will need to use the oral sensor first thing in the morning before you do anything (get out of bed, pee, eat, drink…you get the picture). Since the oral sensor is tracking/measuring electrolytes in your saliva, it is important to not change or increase your salt intake as this can effect the results. Also, you cannot take sodium based antacids during the first half of your cycle (period through ovulation).

Vaginal Sensor

The vaginal sensor tests for hormonal changes in cervical mucous, such as estrogen and progesterone changes. The monitor is looking for estrogen or progesterone dominance in your cycle to confirm ovulation has occurred and it has a 98% accuracy level. You can use this monitor in conjunction with OvaGraph to chart your fertility and share it with your doctor if need be. OvaGraph is a free app that you have access to with this monitor. The OvaCue Fertility Monitor stores up to four months of your cycles for comparisons.

Once you begin using your vaginal sensor, after menstruation, it is important to not miss a testing day until ovulation has been confirmed. Unlike Ovulation Predictor Kits, you cannot or should not test more than once a day with this monitor. TMI alert! You should take your vaginal reading before sex or at least eight hours after doing the deed as not to mess up the readings. Both the vaginal and oral sensor should be washed daily with mild soap and water, but I probably didn’t have to tell you that!

Irregular Cycles and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

The Ovacue Fertility Monitor works for women with irregular cycles and women with PCOS. This is because there is no predetermined levels of hormones that this monitor is checking for. A regular Ovulation Predictor Kit has a predetermined level of LH that it is looking for in order to predict a surge. Unfortunately, women with PCOS or irregular cycles may have too little or too much of this hormone to produce an accurate positive OPK.

In order for this product to work accurately, you must use both the oral and vaginal sensors during your cycle. However, you will need to determine when to begin using the vaginal sensor based on the length of your cycle. So you cannot use these tools independent of each other or the monitor will not work properly. If you misplace your sensor or just need a new one, you are able to purchase the vaginal sensor separately. With the OvaCue Fertility Monitor you are able to share your fertility information with all your devices (smart phone, tablet, and laptop).


I love this monitor and will definitely stick by this product. The price is moderate and in comparison to purchasing OPK’s month after month, it is well worth the price. One of the biggest drawbacks for this product is that it only stores four months of your cycle, but you are able to download and save your information with OvaGraph. I have never really cared for temping, but do know that it is crucial when trying to conceive. Especially, if you need to know what is going on with your cycle. I know my OBGYN requires a couple months of charting before jumping to the “I am having troubles getting pregnant,” explanation.

Should you find yourself in a similar situation, you will be able to provide your physician with detailed information on your cycle. I don’t think it gets too much more detailed than providing menstruation information, saliva trends, and cervical mucous tracking! If you have any questions on how this product works or just want to leave a short review, please feel free to do so in the comments. I would love the feedback. Good luck and baby dust to you


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3 thoughts on “The OvaCue Fertility Monitor Product Review

  1. This product seems to be a very useful tool for couples that are trying to have a child. When reading your article you mentioned about purchasing the vaginal sensor. How long does the sensor last if it is use daily ? Also, can this fertility monitor be use as a natural anti pregnancy method, and is it safe to use it this way?

  2. Thank you for your comment. You have to remember, the vaginal sensors are only being used at a certain part of a woman’s cycle (maybe 14 days). This product has a one year guarantee which is super long compared to the tools we pee on everyday! If you are looking for contraception, you should try the Lady Comp because it is foolproof. This can do that too, but the goal is to get pregnant. If you really want to know how to prevent pregnancy, inbox me! I am serious though

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