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Tips For Trying To Get Pregnant

Tip #1

One of the many tips for trying to get pregnant is eating a balanced diet.  Eating and avoiding certain foods can improve the chances of becoming pregnant or improve your fertility health.  For example, eating foods that are high in antioxidants can help protect the eggs and the reproductive organs.  It is important to eat lots of fruits and vegetables too.  Think of the colors of the rainbow and that should be what your fruits and vegetables should look like, a variety.   Don’t forget about dairy, whole grains, legumes, fish or fish oil supplements, and fortified bread.  We should be eating like this on a regular basis anyway, but the truth is that we don’t.  However, when trying to get pregnant it is important to try to get as much as these foods in as possible because it will be an integral part of your pregnancy nutrition as well. 

When my OBGYN told me that I had a mild case of insulin resistance (also common in PCOS), I went on the South Beach Diet to cleanse my system of sugars and began to eat healthier from there.   I began to eat more fiber and good carbs and avoided as much processed sugar as possible. Eating fiber slowed the absorption of sugar and thus released less insulin.  Eating good carbs also slows the absorption.  Being insulin resistant means that your cells are unable to respond properly to insulin.  Insulin resistance can through off our hormones making ovulation irregular or even rare.   I also began taking fertility boosting supplements as well and by the time I went to see the Reproductive Endocrinologist for more testing, he didn’t see any signs of insulin resistance on my glucose tests.  I also want to mention that being insulin resistant does not necessarily mean you are overweight or have PCOS because I didn’t have any issues with either.


Another tip for trying to get pregnant is to try to make these changes at least three months to a year before actively trying.  Who am I kidding though?  I honestly didn’t wait to see if those changes took effect before trying.  I seriously didn’t even consider making changes other than adding a prenatal vitamin when I officially tried to conceive.  It was after it was taking so long to actually get pregnant that I found all of this out.  So I am not saying that you should wait, but if you find that you aren’t getting pregnant as fast as you’d like, don’t beat yourself up.  Give yourself the three months to reap the benefits of the pills or supplements!  Of course, you can always get pregnant be


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