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What Is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea?

Benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf

What is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and isn’t that just for pregnancy? Today I thought I would talk about Red Raspberry Leaf and its many uses.  Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is very popular among pregnant women for the preparation of labor.  During pregnancy the tea is said to strengthen the uterine wall and pelvic floor.  It is also supposed to aid in a shortened labor and to reduce the need for medical interventions such as a cesarean section.  However, red raspberry leaf benefits the women trying to get pregnant as well!

Even though I keep referring to the tea, it also comes in capsules and tinctures for those that aren’t interested in drinking it or don’t care for the taste.  Sometimes trying to consume so many cups of the tea could be daunting and a pill is easier to take.  However, if you are taking pills like your prenatal vitamins or any other supplements, adding another pill can be a pain as well.  So you basically just need to decide what you prefer!

At any rate, red raspberry leaf tea can be used to help strengthen the uterine lining if you have had previous surgeries such as: fibroid removal, LEEP, D&C, etc (all of which I have had, yikes!).  If you have a heavy menstrual cycle, red raspberry leaf tea may be beneficial to you!  This herbal supplement can also be used to help lengthen your luteal phase.

When to Take It

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea can be used throughout your cycle unlike some supplements that you can only use before or after ovulation.  However, if you do become pregnant you should ask your doctor if it is safe for you to continue during pregnancy.  Since I have had a couple first trimester miscarriages and a preterm labor loss, I do not take this supplement once I get pregnant as its side effects include “Braxton Hicks Contractions.”  So I would definitely speak to your OBGYN about taking it during your first trimester.

How to Make Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

If you decide to take this in the form of tea, you can make it at home.  You will need to have loose red raspberry leaves to steep in the tea.  You can purchase them online and at some herbal grocers.  Some stores may already carry them in a teabag form.  If you do have to make red raspberry leaf tea yourself, it is pretty easy. You can use one tablespoon of loose leaves to one cup of boiling water.  The longer you let it steep the stronger it is.  It tastes bitter to me so I like to add lemon and honey.  You can drink one to three cups a day.  You can also put it over ice to enjoy it cold on a nice hot day!

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to add them in the comment section or shoot me an email:  tiffany@tiffanyt11.sg-host.com

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6 thoughts on “What Is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea?

    1. I honestly don’t know if you can mix it and still keep the properties needed in order to get the benefits. You can have it cold though. Honey should cover up most of the bitterness too if you want to try it warm. Also, you can take the capsules as well. Lastly, thank you so much for the comment I really appreciate it!

  1. This was so informative! I’m a tea drinker myself (not a coffee fan) and I learned so much in this article… I need to Google some things, like LEEP and “luteal phase” as I’m completely unaware of these terms. But I love learning! I was curious though, I take milk in my tea – would that compromise the health benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf tea, or is that okay? Thanks for this!

    1. Hi Courtney! Adding milk to the tea should be just fine. I like milk in my tea as well, but never tried it with Red Raspberry Leaf. LEEP is Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure. So it is a type of surgery that I had. Luteal Phase is the second part of your cycle. It is the phase you go into after you ovulate. If your luteal phase is too short, it can make it hard for an egg to implant for a successful pregnancy. Thank you so much for the comment!

  2. Hi Tiffany, Great article! I’ve heard of raspberry tea and its weight loss benefits before but didn’t realise it could help in conceiving! At the moment I’m trying to conceive for the first time in my late 30’s and honestly finding it pretty difficult. The doctors have said that losing a little weight may help. Do you think this could help in both weight loss and lengthening the luteal phase? Two birds with one stone and all that!

    1. Yes, I believe it can. You can also try FertilAid which is great in helping with conceiving along with OvaBoost. Both are really good supplements. If you have a shorter luteal phase, Red Raspberry Leaf will help that, but the supplements are a quick fix. Just make sure you are tracking ovulation and time your sex. Getting pregnant is difficult when you are actually trying, but you just have to know how to maximize your chances and make it fun! If you have any questions, I am happy to help. Thank you for the comment and baby dust to you!

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