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Getting Pregnant While Breastfeeding

As I am quickly approaching 36 years old (tomorrow), I can’t stop thinking about having another baby and soon.  The biggest challenge I face right now is getting pregnant while breastfeeding.  I am currently breastfeeding my seven month old son who is showing no signs of weaning.  Heck, he won’t even take a bottle!  He literally starts crying when he sees me bringing him a bottle!  While I am very pleased that I am able to exclusively breastfeed this time around (unable to with my daughter), I am anxiously awaiting the return of my fertility.  I have read in sources like Kellymom that the introduction of solids might bring on my cycle, stopping night feedings, or at least six hours at night without a breastfeeding session.  We have started solids a couple months ago, but still no Aunt Flo. Even though our Pediatrician suggested we discontinue night feedings at his four month check up, we co-sleep so it is hard to not nurse him at night.  Believe me, I have tried putting him in his own room, but he really isn’t having it (who is the parent here!).   I am a little relieved to not have had a period for so long, but I know that it is essential in order for me to track ovulation.  Unless of course, we catch the egg prior to the return of my period!

To me getting pregnant while breastfeeding also seems a little bit selfish considering I have a seven month old that depends on me to eat and nurture.  I guess I just had personal goals, like having all my children close in age and am forgetting what a special gift I am nursing right now.  I also feel guilty because I am one of those women that I use to roll my eyes at.  I remember how badly I wanted to have just ONE baby and how hard my husband and I tried to make that happen.  I would get so angry when I would hear women with children complain about not being able to have more.  Like, seriously lady, be thankful you have a baby because some of us would do anything just to have one baby!  I have been pregnant six times and have two living children, so I understand the struggles of trying to conceive.  I understand the emotional struggles of dusting yourself off and trying again after a loss.  So I apologize in advance if I offended anyone with the title of this post.  I realize that it kind of sounds off putting, but the truth is that I do want another baby and I would love if it happens soon.  However, I am going to be thankful for what I do have and try to help as many ladies as I can in achieving that goal of becoming pregnant.  I plan to answer those “too much information,” questions and give the advice that it took me years to learn.  Who knows, maybe someone may be able to help me in the area of getting pregnant while breastfeeding.  I am thankful for what I do have and last but not least, as long as I wake up in the morning, I am thankful to be turning 36!

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