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Implantation Cramping: Pregnant? Or Just Your Period?

Many TTC-ing moms want to know sooner rather than later if they’ll get that BFP test, and implantation cramping may be an early sign that they, indeed, will! But implantation cramping is tricky—not everyone experiences it and it can be similar to PMS cramps. In this post you’ll find more on: what exactly implantation cramping is what implantation cramping feels like how long implantation cra...
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Meditation During Pregnancy

I have always understood and believed that keeping stress levels down when trying to get pregnant is crucial. However, I didn’t realize that keeping stress levels down during pregnancy was just as important.  One of the best ways to staying calm and clear headed is through meditation. Meditation Strengthens The Mother-Baby Bond Yes!  Yes mediation during pregnancy is very beneficial.  Meditation...
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What Is a Fetal Doppler? For me, it is a peace of mind.

After experiencing a few losses, I was always very nervous about getting pregnant and staying pregnant. I wanted a baby so badly, but even my husband knew that getting pregnant created a lot of stress. He would worry about my day to day life and making sure I wasn't over-exerting myself. He would ask if I was eating enough or if I was getting enough rest. Often when we discuss loss, we really o...
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Morning Sickness Anyone?

I would say good morning, but maybe the mornings haven't been so good to you lately! Unless you are a part of the lucky ten percent of women, morning sickness is probably one of your most annoying pregnancy symptoms thus far. That is right, up to ninety percent of women will suffer from morning sickness (with or without vomiting) during the first trimester. Don't let the name fool you, morning ...
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Pregnancy Symptoms By Week-Weeks 28 thru 40

Although you can probably see the finish line, you may be starting to struggle to see your feet or at least you will by the end of this trimester! The good news is that you are almost there and the pregnancy symptoms by week 28 are all too familiar you to you right now. Oh but don't worry, you may have some new pregnancy symptoms by week 40 to join you. Depending on your health and your OBGYN's pr...
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Miscarriages and Chemical Pregnancies

This is a very tough subject to discuss, but the truth is that miscarriages and chemical pregnancies happen.  As if trying to conceive wasn't stressful enough, the thought of a pregnancy loss is very frightening.  While I am not aware of having a chemical pregnancy, I have experienced three miscarriages.  So I understand the pain and the emotional conflicts that come along with it.  It can be hard...
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Pregnancy Symptoms By Week-Weeks 14 thru 27 Cont’d

Congratulations, you have made it to the second trimester!  At this point you definitely know (hopefully know) you are pregnant and you may be curious as to what to experct regarding pregnancy symptoms by week.  Well you have come to the right place.  I do want to make it known that depending on your doctor, the weeks in your trimester may be a little different. For example, some consider the seco...
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Pregnancy Symptoms By Week – Weeks 1 thru 13

During early pregnancy the symptoms can almost be identical to those during PMS making it hard to determine whether you are going to start your period or if you actually have a bun in the oven. We can take a look at pregnancy symptoms by week to break it down and you can figure out if anything is different from your normal period symptoms. When trying to conceive it is amazing how in tune we be...
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What Is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea?

Benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf What is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and isn't that just for pregnancy? Today I thought I would talk about Red Raspberry Leaf and its many uses.  Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is very popular among pregnant women for the preparation of labor.  During pregnancy the tea is said to strengthen the uterine wall and pelvic floor.  It is also supposed to aid in a shortened labor and ...
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